About Us




MACONDIA is a philosophy that was born in 2021 because of the union of two different styles that have built the same vision. Daniela, sporty-logical-abstract, and Maria Gabriela, sensual-emotional-artistic, co-found a space where they are constantly creating something unexpected and different, but surprisingly safe to try. The designs appeal to a mission of uniting different industries and the GLOCAL mantra of "Think global, act local" in order to communicate with and for the citizens of the world.


MACONDIA is breaking the paradigms about what Latin American fashion should be, inviting its audience to try new things and provoking curiosity that comes from the unknown through: the creation of silhouettes that assertively draw attention, the mixing of neutral with vibrant colors, the work with non-traditional materials and the evident influence of other industries on our art and communication (science, technology, sports, entertainment, politics, travel...).


Wearing a MACONDIA piece is the first step on a path that makes you feel ready to step out of your comfort zone, yet feeling comfortable and confident about unlocking your potential a rockstar, like it should always be.


MACONDIA is about being the center of attention from the outside in and from the inside out.