"In an asynchronous society, there is something surreal that unites us all."


MACONDIA, born in 2021 from the fusion of García Márquez's 'Magical Realism' birthplace, 'Macondo,' and our native country, 'Colombia,' blends two distinct styles to create a space in constant evolution. Daniela, with her sporty, logical, and abstract approach, joins forces with Maria Gabriela, embodying sensuality, emotion, and artistry, to build on a foundation of creativity and innovation.

In our creative process, we challenge the norms limiting Latin American fashion, encouraging our audience to explore the uncharted through fashion. Our design philosophy rests on three pillars: the synergy of opposing forces, the integration of art, and the pursuit of innovation. MACONDIA goes beyond being merely a fashion brand; it's a platform to convey profound messages, with our primary purpose being to uplift humanity. We stand alongside our community in their quest for something exceptional: the extraordinary found within the uniqueness of the everyday.


Our mission is to spark the curiosity that propels people to venture beyond their comfort zones by experiencing our universe. Our creations are crafted for those exceptional in their singularity, seamlessly fusing innovation, art, and luxury craftsmanship into design pieces rooted in Colombia, ready for the global stage.

Est. 2021 ®